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(Langkawi to Krabi) - next edition 1Q 2025

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Remember, Tiger Ride is an amazing overland adventure and not a race! You are free to take the riding at your own pace, or to participate riding in the group. Gone are the crazy "Mad Dogs" distances - the distances on this ride are suitable and satisfying for both seasoned riders and those new to adventure cycling. Vehicles are at your disposal should you wish to sit out any section.

15 March 2025 – ARRIVE IN LANGKAWI!

You’ll most probably arrive conveniently into Langkawi International Airport before checking into your hotel in which is located close to the Kuar Jetty. If you arrive early enough, hopefully you will have time to explore the delights of this beautiful tropical island which has some of the most famous beaches in Asia. There will be a briefing in the evening and, for those who want to join, a group outing to a local restaurant for dinner.


Langkawi's beaches

16 March 2025 - Day 1

LANGKAWI TO SATUN - APPROX 75KM You’ll take an early breakfast in the hotel which will set you up nicely for the nearby 8am short ferry ride to the smallest and northernmost Malaysian state of Perlis. You’re off! An exceptional morning of exploring rural Malaysia’s very best awaits you – you’ll see the country’s sleepy backroads and vibrant greens – from the rice fields to the palm trees, the banana groves and the grassy verges. You’ll take lunch on the banks of beautiful and remote Tasoh Lake which is only a few kilometres from the Thai border.

The Tiger Ride

Hit the road!

The Tiger Ride

Tasoh Lake

17 March 2025 - Day 2

SATUN TO SATUN BEACH - APPROX 72KM Today you'll cycle over to Satun Province's lovely beach. Thailand's southwestern Satun Province is safe and sees very few visitors, offering a privileged view into hidden parts of this stunning country. You'll adventure through the back roads and finish with time to enjoy the sand, water and sun. Based on availability, we are aiming for The Chevalley Beach Resort.

The Tiger Ride

Riding into Thailand

18 March 2025 - Day 3

SATUN BEACH TO YAN TA KHAO, TRANG - APPROX 74KM You enjoy the high-quality Thai roads and the very pleasant countryside, possibly, being tempted by sweet smelling street stalls in the plentiful villages. In the evening, you finish in the small town of Yan Ta Khao, in Trang Province. Few visitors come here, which is what adventure is all about! The hotel is clean and comfortable...and the local Thai food is sublime including the best tom yum we have ever had! Take the chance to explore end experience new tastes in the bustling night market.

The Tiger Ride

Pleasant Thai Countryside

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Lush greenery

19 March 2025 - Day 4

YAN TA KHAO, TRANG TO TRANG BEACH - APPROX 65KM Your adventure will continue west today and finish a superb beach resort in beautiful Trang Province. Lose yourself in the tropical greenery and local villages before savouring the beach, perhaps with some beers or cocktails. Based on availability, we are aiming today for Dugong Village, which is right on the sea.

20 March 2025 - Day 5

TRANG BEACH TO HOT SPRINGS, KRABI - APPROX 65KM Your adventure continues today into Thailand's stunning Krabi Province - famous for its mystifying scenery. More greenery, villages and little roadside stalls to tempt your tastebuds and you'll finish for the day at Saline Hot Water Springs Resort where you will soak away and relax. Affordable massage is always available in Thailand to soothe any aches!

The Tiger Ride

It's non-stop adventure

The Tiger Ride

A great experience

21 March 2025 - Day 6

HOT SPRINGS TO AO NANG BEACH, KRABI - APPROX. 74KM The final day is a smorgasbord of lovely adventure cycling through dense greenery, rubber trees, small roads, smells and tastes. This is what it's all about! You will victoriously finish your ride at Krabi's utterly stunning Ao Nang beach, where the karst mounts form a quintessential tropical Thai backdrop, worthy of Hollywood! It's time to enjoy the beach tranquility and maybe later sample the excellent nightlife!


Celebrations on Ao Nang Beach

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What a setting - the hotel is a stone's throw nearby

22 March 2025 - LEAVE FROM AO NANG

You’ll wake up near the stunning beach with a great deal of satisfaction at the adventure that you have just completed. Perhaps you’re lingering for a few days (famously deserted Railay is only a boat ride away), but equally you may be heading to the nearby Krabi or Phuket Airport for the ride home. Surely you’ll first reward yourself with a dip in the turquoise sea!


You can't beat local Thai food

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 3.56.11 PM.png

Thailand's roads are great for cycling!

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