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The Tiger Ride is a fabulous 4-day overland adventure. There are two categories:

  • Mad Dogs, which involves long distances and cycling every inch

  • Wild Cats, a more relaxed and more guided overland adventure for those who don't want to cycle nearly that far.

Given that you arrive the day before, and probably leave the day after, it's a six-day adventure.

Tagging a day or two in Phuket at the end fits nicely into a week's holiday.

The Tiger Ride

Mad Dogs category is a serious undertaking of up to 185km each day. Completion of this epic event allows you to say that you have cycled every inch from Penang to Phuket. It's incredible fun but there will also be times when you will have to dig deep and muster the resolve to complete the challenge.

Wild Cats category riders will cover approx. 30km before and after lunch, totalling approx. 60km in a day, the remainder comfortably travelled by vehicle - with the vehicle also available for those who have had enough cycling for the time being. This allows a much more leisurely breakfast and lunch!


This is a scintillating and unique opportunity to experience a deeply personal interaction with Malaysia and Thailand – the people, the food, the landscape, the street life, the culture. You will have a privileged view of life in these countries, and support is always to hand when needed. At the end, you’ll come away with a great deal of pride, tons of stories and most likely many new friends.

“You have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” – Hemingway

Tiger Ride Map

Established some ten years ago in 2013, Mad Dogs, the organisers of the Tiger Ride have bags of experience all across East Asia in laying on a unique and superb event. Our first ride along this route took place in 2014.


By cycling through a country you will develop an intimate attachment both to its land and its people. It is immersive, like jumping into the sea with a scuba tank to explore a coral reef rather than looking through the window of the aquarium or glass-bottom-boat. A bicycle is the necessary ingredient that turns a “journey” into an “adventure.” You not only travel through a country but you live it and breathe it.


       Peace of mind


Relax- we’ve got you covered. We’re here to answer all your questions and make your preparations as seamless as possible. We have been organising a ride on this route since 2014.


       Route design


Our route has been carefully researched, improved and refined year after year to give maximum enjoyment.


       Baggage forwarding


Your luggage magically reappears in the evening so you are light and free on your bicycle. You can also access it periodically throughout the day.

       Support vehicles


Vehicles are at your fingertips should you require assistance or if you want to stop riding. Mad Dogs category participants, who are not required to cycle in a group can call in the support vehicle on internet messaging, while Wild Cats riders will always be near the vehicle.




A bicycle mechanic always available to fix problems with your bike. He will also be able to have a look at your bike prior to starting the ride.


       Local interpreters


Local language-speaking interpreters will be in the vehicles to help with interpreting, at your fingertips.

The Tiger Ride
The Tiger Ride
The Tiger Ride

A great breakfast


A hearty breakfast - either provided in a hotel or occasionally provided by the support team.



Lunch and refreshments


Lunch will be taken at a local establishment each day with food, refreshments and snacks. We think this is some of the best cuisine in the world!

Routes and Critical Info Sheet


The carefully researched Mad Dogs category routes for each day are shared with you in the form of a GPX file which you can load onto your GPS unit / phone. Alternatively, we have Garmin units which are available for hire. Ensure you reserve these early if you are going to need one. A daily Critical Info Sheet with important information is also shared with you each electronically day. This all allows you sufficient independence to keep the element of adventure, but support is always at your command. Wild Cats category riders can also use GPX files however the Wild Cats ride will be led by a cycling guide.


An exclusive Tiger Ride / Mad Dogs cycling jersey.


Given to those who fully register and fill out the registration form more than one month before the first day of the event – these shirts are made to order)




The support team always take heaps of photos which we will share electronically after the event so your friends and family can see your wonderful adventure and epic achievement!



Mad Dogs is the organisation which oversees the Tiger Ride. Humphrey Wilson,

who cycled from London to Hong Kong, wanted others to learn the joys of

adventure cycling, and founded Mad Dogs for this purpose. When not

adventuring on two wheels, Humphrey can usually be found flying aeroplanes.


Rory Mackay, who rode his bicycle from Cape Town to Cairo, and founded

hugely successful Wild Hong Kong - organising adventures in Hong Kong - 

 is support team leader for our ride.

The Tiger Ride

Mad Dogs also organises private bicycle rides for groups of 20+ riders all over Asia. If you would like to learn more, please email

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